Our hand made DogDanas (a Bandana with cleverly disguised Poop Bag) come in 4 sizes to comfortably fit a chihuahua to a great dane.  Our DogDanas are tied, not held together with velcro, giving your dog a more comfortable fit while providing maximum flexibility.

In order to determine which size best fits your dog, use the following guidelines.

  1. Measure loosely around your dogs neck or measure the size of your dog’s collar.  If using your dog’s collar, only measure the area that fits around his/her neck, not the entire length of the collar as there is usually overlap.
  2. Add 6 – 8 inches to that amount to get the total size DogDana required.
  3. Use the chart below to determine the correct size.
  4. Keep in mind that our DogDanas tie so they can be flexible in length.  If the DogDana seems a bit too big, folding it down at the top can help to adjust the fit and shows off the reversible side.
  5. If the measurements are in the middle of two sizes, or you’re just not to sure which size to choose, choose the larger size.

Small = 14-16 inches
Medium = 18-20 inches
Large = 22-24 inches
X-Large = 28-30 inches